Human errors

“strive for progress, not for perfection”

Lashing out unexpectedly, upsetting the people around me, knowing I shouldn’t do something but doing it anyway and the list of all the wrong things I do goes on and on. All of these things listed above fall under a category of “bad” however just because I may do them does not make me a bad person; all of these acts are mere reminders that I am not without faults.

In today’s society, it seems like almost everyone is trying to gain perfection however it is rarely mentioned that “perfection” is almost a completely unattainable goal and a goal that shouldn’t cause us unwarranted upset and anxiety. We shouldn’t reprimand ourselves for making mistakes as they are normal. Mistakes are just mistakes, they do not define us nor do they devalue us. They should be seen as the triggers which stimulate personal growth and provide you with lessons from you will only be enhanced as an individual. So instead of being discouraged, I believe mistakes should be welcomed.

Another topic I would like to discuss is forgiveness and it’s importance.

Wrongdoings from others is something that we experience from a young age and can only get worse as we get older. And once someone does us wrong it is easy to point the finger and harbour the rage and feelings of hurt towards the person who did us dirty but what does that do – nothing. As hard as it may be, try and learn to forgive, for without forgiveness what do we really have? Forgiveness is as much for you, (if not more) as it is for the person you are forgiving. Most of the time when we forgive, we let go of the hate, anger and sadness that has been subconsciously stopping us from moving forward. Forgiveness allows you to flourish and not be hindered by the negativity which will stop you from being the best you can be.

Alongside forgiving others, be sure to also learn to forgive yourself for your past, as it can consequently affect your future. Above all forgive yourself for things that are out of your control and focus more on things you can control like your happiness. Everyone wants to be happy and there is no reason why you shouldn’t be. Forgiving and gaining control of your life and your happiness are some of the greatest (free) gifts you can give yourself and one everybody is worthy of. So do not begrudge yourself of what is truly yours.

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Human errors

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