Don’t be deterred from your destiny

There will be people who will never wish you well. These can be people you see as friends, family members, strangers or even teachers. Known as “they”, a term made popular by DJ Khaled, these are people you do NOT want in your life. And aside from the eccentrics and larger than life persona he possesses, DJ Khaled makes good points about “they” and how to deal with them. If you’re unfamiliar with they, here are some examples of actions I have experienced:

“They” will hear you talk about your goals and give you their unwanted opinion about how you can never achieve them. “They” will have ways to help you but will never help if you were ever to ask them. “They” may actually help you, but will only help you to a certain degree so you can never surpass them.

However, despite my interactions with “they”, I am still achieving everything I want to do and more, as can you. You may have multiple “they’s” in your life or you may have been fortunate enough to never have come across one. Whatever the case, by the end of this post you will gain some knowledge on how to handle them.

Being young, where the only people you are surrounded by the majority of your days are your teachers and classmates, it can be hard to avoid their negative, non-encouraging comments. Similar to those in the workplace, where avoiding an irate boss who continues to belittle your and your ideas is near impossible. You are not alone in these situations neither is a it a permanent one. Once you realise you are bigger than the words being thrown at you, then you can overcome anything.

Start by appreciating those who continue to uplift you and support your dreams. If you have a group of people around you that belittle what you want to do or are just all in all toxic then remove them from your life, sooner rather than later. Following a negative crowd and listening to negative people wont help you or your mindset. You must try to get into a pattern of blocking out such comments and tuning into more positive thoughts. One negative comment can lead to you having a bad day full of sorrow whilst positive thoughts will bring happier days. Self-evaluate and try to implement these ideas into your life, to help you become the best that you can be.

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Don’t be deterred from your destiny