Bare necessities

Think about how many times a day you say to yourself, “I really want”. Now think about what follows that phrase. I know for me what normally follows it is usually clothes or some new make up. Sometimes I find myself having lists of items which are pending for me to purchase and its only recently I’ve asked myself why? Why do I insist on buying all these things and I have no valid reason, except that I want it. But do I need it?

Today, everyone including myself sometimes is worried about having the latest things. Our social status is partly dependent on the amount of material items you posses, with those with the luxury brands being seen as wealthy and “goals”, whilst those without are deemed broke. Whether you own the most expensive things or not, if you don’t have the things you NEED, the bare necessities, then you basically have nothing. The bare necessities are things that we need to survive, things that will help us grow as individuals make us happy. The rest are just wants. Now wants aren’t a bad thing, but if we place too much value on the wants, then the needs will get overshadowed.

Once in a while, take time to think about attaining the things we need like,

  • good support unit
  • good food
  • good environment etc, all things that are beneficial to us and are usually of little to no cost.

Think about whether you are getting any of those things, and if you’re not, find ways to make sure you can change that.  I’ve made a list of a few things, (some very cliche) that I believe we all need to do : drink a good amount of water, eat breakfast which includes some fruit and or fibre, exercising and taking some for yourself are all small things which you can do to help yourself. We only get one life, don’t squander it by living recklessly. Be good to your body and mind, and in turn you will acquire all that is available to you and more.

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Bare necessities