“because I was born and raised in the ends doesn’t mean I’m a product of my environment” – Ismael Musoke 

At 18 years old, I have had quite a few conversations, with various people in different walks of life. The conversations that have have stood out to me the most are the ones pertaining to my life. And what I should do with it. It’s funny how complete strangers can give you tips on what and how you should live your life, when they have never walked a mile in your shoes. It’s easy and probably fulfilling to advice someone on what they should do, but what works for one doesn’t work for all.

“Keep studying and once you finish your education, you’ll have a good, easy life.”

This sentence has been reiterated to me over and over again, and yet I still don’t believe it. Many people before me have finished their education but would I say their lives are easy? No. The grind doesn’t suddenly get easier as education ends. The pedestal education is put on, overshadows other key areas we all need in our lives. The importance of networking, gaining experience, being well rounded in other areas, are rarely mentioned. I believe a combination of these will help get you closer to where you want to be, than if education was just used alone.

“South London girls are loud.” “Girls from South are rowdy.”

And the stereotypes go on. You see statements like this mainly on twitter or hear it when people are talking, whilst some say it as a joke, there are others who say it with a bit more sincerity. I know I don’t fit the stereotype of a South London girl. One because becoming a “stereotypical” product of my environment was never my plan. And secondly, to me, stereotyping thousands of girls from one area to a one size fits all ideology has never and will never make sense. We are all individuals, with different personalities and backgrounds. So how can we all act the same?

Endless conversations but one thing stays the same. What happens to me is up to me and nobody else, despite all the advice given. It is up to me and the work I do, which will take me to where I need to get to.

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