Number one

Putting yourself first, a very simple concept, but yet foreign to so many people. Sure, there may be instances where putting yourself first may be difficult (i.e. when you’re responsible for someone else) but for the most part, what is wrong with making sure you are good internally and externally? However with that being said, we encounter people in our day to day life who are solely about themselves and their happiness. We sometimes address these people as self-centred, egocentric e.t.c. but they could teach us something.

Have you ever experienced helping someone, and although you’re the one helping them, you find yourself having to go out of your way to find out what it is exactly they want help with as they’re being completely uncooperative? Or experienced someone take the piss when you’re helping them? I know I have. Looking back I blame my own naivety and my previous inability to say no as the causes to my previous experiences. As people, we are good at spotting kindness in people and sometimes exploiting this. And because of this, it is essential that we learn to put ourselves as a priority so we can get things done for ourselves, and not just others.

Now before my message becomes misconstrued, I’m not saying stop being kind & don’t help others, but sometimes the only way we can get things done in life is if we are selfish. Make yourself and your needs your number one priority before even thinking about dealing with someone else’s issues. What good is it going to do, helping someone else, when you are incapable of helping yourself? If you ever feel like you’re wasting time you could be using on yourself, abort mission! Don’t allow anyone to take the piss out of you and your kindness. You weren’t born a mug, so you shouldn’t be treated as one.

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Number one