My Purpose

Hello and welcome to my blog – Alena’s Thoughts.

With this blog, my aim is to discuss anything that’s plagued my mind growing up which I can now say I have accepted or learned from, so others can also gain insight and learn from it too.

Alongside this, I will be using my Tumblr and to create a positive, safe space, where people of any race, age or gender who feel like they have no one to confide in can feel like they can voice their thoughts and worries without being judged and ensure their voice is heard.

You’re probably thinking well, why would I ask you for advice, who are you? The answer to that is, I’m exactly like you. I am human, with different feelings and life experiences, who just wants to help others like myself, gain clarity and find solutions to whatever it is they’re going through, so they can progress to become the best version of themselves that they can be. To me, there’s no better feeling than when you have no worries, or stress weighing you down, a feeling which can be attained through sharing your problems with others.

So, I hope you like the content I create, and thanks for reading!
Anything you want me to cover on my blog? Feedback? Just want to talk? For any of the above and more, you can interact with me on the following platforms:
Twitter – @Nassamula 
Tumblr –

Alternatively, email me at

My Purpose

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